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Blackpool Council: Blackpool Council is committed to supporting fundamental and long-lasting change to Queens Park and the wider Layton area, through investment in a modern, attractive and safe neighbourhood. The Queens Park development is a vital investment in people and the community they live in.


Lovell: As main contractor, appointed by the Council in 2013, Lovell are responsible for demolishing the existing tower blocks and maisonettes and building the 201 new homes. They are a housing construction experts, specialising in complex regeneration projects such as the scheme at Queens Park.

Blackpool Coastal Housing

Blackpool Coastal Housing: As the Council’s Housing Association, BCH will manage the new properties on their completion.


Calico: The Calico Group deliver CITB’s shared apprenticeship scheme across the North West (Constructing the Future), which allows contractors to enjoy all the benefits of an apprentice without the direct employment responsibility. The scheme provides a solution to contractors involved in the procurement process so they can make a commitment to a young person, even though their contract on site may only be for a short period. The procurement is pooled within a region and the apprentice is rotated from one contractor to another until they have completed their full apprenticeship framework at level 2 or 3.


Build Up: A local training scheme, run by Blackpool and Fylde College, providing local people opportunities on the Queens Park project.

Homes and Communities Agency

Homes & Communities Agency: Funding for the project is, in part, being provided by the HCA, the government’s housing, land and regeneration agency.


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