The Towers have finally gone!

As you can’t fail to have noticed, the three remaining towers on Queens Park were successfully ‘dropped’ last Sunday. After months of careful planning, it is still with some relief that we can report everything went to plan; the buildings collapsed where intended, the site was quickly assessed to be safe and the evacuated residents were soon able to return to their homes.

There is of course a big clean-up operation underway to deal with the inevitable dust that was created and Forshaw’s have a dedicated team on site who are actively cleaning windows, sills and gutters, and are jet-washing paths and patios in affected neighbouring properties. Work will then be starting next week to sort and crush the demolition material so that it can be recycled for use as hardcore on the new development. (Doing this will massively reduce the need for waggons to cart the debris away from site). Construction of the new homes will then follow later in the month.

It goes without saying that the cooperation of the whole neighbourhood has been outstanding, and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who played their part; from those in the wider neighbourhood who had to deal with traffic and car parking disruption and in particular, to those in the evacuation zone who vacated their homes during the morning of the blow down. Without this cooperation, the job could not have been done – thank you.

The demolition of tower blocks was clearly a disruptive business for the neighbourhood but hopefully, the worst is now behind us as we move into the newbuild phase of the project. We look forward to your continued support!

Laycock Gate Blow Down, BlackpoolLaycock Gate Blow Down, Blackpool

One thought on “The Towers have finally gone!

  1. I would like to say how professional everybody was with whom I came into contact with regarding the tower block demolition.
    I had to pick up my elderly father from Addison Crescent on the day of the blow down. I sent an e mail to the team leader Dave and having access on the day and he promptly rang me to say we would be allowed access which we were.
    You seem a very professional company who certainly knows what they are doing.
    I had the pleasure to watch them come down from a viewing point and it was certainly something to see.
    Once again well done on all you have achieved so far , I hope the new build goes ahead with no problems and I look forward to seeing the finished project.


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